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Email Services

E-mail Filtering

Many Internet based threats come in the form of email. Unsolicited junk mail not only wastes valuable time, but can contain malicious software such as trojans, back-doors and key-loggers. Dangerous phishing schemes which try to obtain financial information from individuals and organizations are commonplace and become more and more sophisticated every day. Every organization needs protection from these threats.

Phoen1x Connection provides a dedicated, cost effective, off-site solution to fight these issues. Residing in Phoen1x Connection's enterprise class data center, our email security systems scan hundreds of thousands of emails a day eliminating the threat so you don't have to worry. On average these systems remove over 85% of all infected email before it ever gets to your site.

Benefits of Phoen1x Connection's secure email services

  • Cost effective - No need to purchase hardware or software
  • Quick setup time - usually one business day
  • Remote management and statistics
  • Reduction in critical bandwidth usage
  • Reduction in valuable drive space utilization
  • Saves valuable employee time